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Don’t Ever Underestimate Credit Card Debt

ndrs - July 14, 2016 - 0 comments

Credit Card Debt is a Dangerous Epidemic

Did you know the average American family has more than $8000.00 in credit card debt? Credit card debt is a rapidly growing problem as Credit card companies make it easier and easier for consumers to obtain cards and spend money. Creditors offer enticing interest rates to join or to transfer balances from an existing creditor or credit card. Credit card companies earn in excess of $65 billion a year and nearly one third comes from late fees and over the limit charges. Do you think these creditors have any incentive to help you reduce credit card debt? Why would any creditor want to offer you credit card debt help? Remember, if you are not paying an interest rate or late fees, a creditor is not earning money from you. A creditor or bank earns fees by loaning people money and charging them at a high interest rate.

When you transfer credit card debt from one creditor to another, you should cancel the first card. If not, you may run up that balance as well. Resist the temptation to purchase everyday items like gas or lunch with your credit cards as this can lead to serious credit card debt problems, particularly when you have a very high interest rate. If you make only the minimum payments each month, you are mainly paying interest only and little or no money is be applied toward your principal to eliminate credit card debt. If this sounds familiar, you need credit card debt help.

There are some things you can do on your own to manage your credit card debt. For example, there is software that tracks your financial records such as Quicken, by Intuit, or Microsoft’s Managing Your Money. These programs provide credit card debt help by organizing your bills and even writing checks. Also, if you have a financial hardship, contact each creditor and tell them you need your interest rate lowered. This will not reduce your credit card debt, but it will lower your monthly payments. The extra savings could be used to eliminate credit card debt from other creditors. You can also play one creditor off another. Tell one that another offered you a better interest rate in an effort to help you reduce credit card debt due to a financial hardship. Often, the second creditor will beat the interest rate offered by the second creditor.

Another option you may want to explore is debt settlement. A debt settlement company negotiates with a creditor on your behalf to eliminate credit card debt. Many people fall behind on payments due to a hardship like divorce, layoff, illness, or pay reduction. Credit card debt help is possible, thanks to our debt settlement program. We can reduce credit card debt by 40-60% by negotiating a settlement with your creditor. Unlike a Credit Counseling program or just an interest rate reduction, we can reduce the entire balance. If you need credit card debt help, this is the quickest way to eliminate debt outside of filing bankruptcy.

We have a page on our site Debt Calculator where you can calculate how long it will take you to pay off your credit card debt to your creditor if you continue to make minimum payments at your current interest rate. Did you know that you cannot ever reduce credit card debt if you are paying the minimum and your interest rate is 24% or higher? It is physically impossible. You cannot eliminate credit card debt if you are simply making minimum payments, month after month to your creditor.  Nationwide Debt Reduction Services is the right alternative to your debt burden. Find the Right Debt Relief Solution, Start with a FREE Debt Analysis Call Toll Free (888) 987-1325

You don't have to scream "get me out of debt" anymore, Nationwide Debt Reduction Services is listening.

Find the Right Debt Relief Solution, Start with a FREE Debt Analysis Call Toll Free (888) 987-1325

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