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Adjusting Your Debt – Reduction Or Consolidation?

ndrs - January 14, 2016 - 0 comments

Debt Reduction vs Credit Debt Consolidation Which Is Better?

You can adjust the interest and repayment terms on your credit card debt with either a credit debt consolidation loan or our service. Credit debt consolidation restructures credit card debt into a more affordable account, while our service reduces the amount of credit card debt. A total reduction of credit card debt means you live free of credit card debt sooner.

Adjusting the interest rate on debt with a credit debt consolidation loan involves obtaining a loan with a lower interest rate than the interest charged on existing credit card debt. Credit debt consolidation saves you money through this lower interest rate.

Credit debt consolidation also adjusts your monthly payments by eliminating multiple credit card debts. Once you direct the loan proceeds toward paying off credit card debt, you make only one payment each month to the lender, instead of numerous payments each month to different creditors.

However, you may find our service more rewarding and easier to accomplish than using a loan to pay off credit card debt.

Our service adjusts the entire credit card debt balance, rather than just the interest rate and monthly payments as with credit debt consolidation. We work with your creditors for a reduced payoff, saving more with our service than credit debt consolidation.

Our service adjusts your monthly payments by allowing you to dictate the amount of money you put toward credit card debt into a savings account. Once enrolled in the program, you reserve a portion of your income to use to pay off credit card debt.

Our service offers you greater flexibility and more savings than credit debt consolidation. When you pursue our service, you neither borrow a loan nor endure a credit check.

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