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Nationwide Debt Reduction Services At North Texas Food Bank

ndrs - July 30, 2018 - 0 comments

Nationwide Debt Reduction Services Is Hands on At North Texas Food Bank’ Volunteering To End Hunger For Those Riddled With Debt


We understand debt relief goes hand and hand with feeding those in need. Our team recently had the opportunity to help at the North Texas Food Bank.

The North Texas Food Bank is a nonprofit relief organization that provides more than 190,000 meals each day for hungry children, seniors and families across a 13-county service in the North Texas area.

Nationwide Debt Reduction Services’ employees add North Texas Food Bank to their volunteer participation rosters this year. For years, Nationwide Debt Reduction Services’ volunteers have made helping those in need a priority.

“We chose an organization that matched our own goals,” said CEO Peter Jacoves. “Our business focuses on helping people out of debt to give them a better quality of life; North Texas Food Bank fits into that ideal of caring for those in need perfectly,” Jacoves said.

This year, we are proud to announce new volunteer efforts to include Habitat for Humanity and a college mentoring program.

Employees from all departments participate in our volunteer efforts. The heart of Nationwide Debt Reduction Services’ company is helping people. From clients across the country to the hungry in its community, we believe in providing help to those in need. We assist our clients by improving their quality of life by helping them become debt free. This enables the clients to plan for retirement, to send themselves or their children to college and to enjoy a life without the stress of debt.

“It’s really amazing,” said volunteer Jill Newman. “We help people every day with our business, but we take it a step further with North Texas Food Bank, reaching out to the needy in our community,” she said.



The Next NDRS volunteer event is with Habitat for Humanity.



Stay tuned for photos!

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